The machine of choice for compaction in open containers. A must have compactor for open containers. Utilizing a rolling spiked drum, the Ropax™ Jumbo compaction expels air as it reduces trash volumes severalfold more than conventional compaction. Ropax™ Jumbo waste management can save as much as 80% of your trash disposal bill.


  • Up to 5x more waste in each open top container.
  • Uses a powerful electro-hydraulic spiked rotary drum macerator, for the highest compaction rate.
  • Replaces the inefficient and large pre-crushers and eliminates waste from piling up.

Increased capacity for open top containers. Nothing is more expensive than transporting air. Unnecessary voids and air pockets are common in uncompacted material. As a consequence, not only do containers overflow but so does cost.The Ropax™ Jumbo works against this to maximize waste compaction ensuring increased container capacity.