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Modern retail companies have become experts in studying human behaviour and implementing solutions to satisfy their customers. They know when customers will be visiting the store, that there is a very clear difference between the Mondays and Fridays , Saturdays and they know it by the hour! Why? Well, they certainly want to make sure they have the right amounts of products available for their customers. They know that a person visiting the store does not want to walk to much, is most of the time looking for his or her favourite products at eye hight. They better be sure they have the product since not having it will cause the customer to probably go to a different store next time. The customer certainly does not want to wait when he wants to pay for his purchases. You probably will recognise there are multiple check outs in a store, most of them unmanned. They will be immediately manned when the queue of people waiting to pay is over 4 persons. Why? they know the customer will probably go elsewhere next time if he needs to wait.

Working with experts in the field of logistics and specifically retail logistics, Modulo has developed advanced simulation technology and is able to help you to simulate the best site layout situation for your project, resulting in minimum times for queuing and highest throughput. In fact we are professionals in optimising space use.

Residents and small businesses do not want to wait. We want them to participate, we do not want them to be irritated. Driving distances to a drop off centre do matter. Waiting in line at the drop off centre is even worse. Modulo can help to connect the site design layout to queuing times and is able to optimize the site design , while reducing queuing times to a strict minimum. We can provide queuing simulations services as requested.