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Høje Tåstrup, Denmark

Høje Tåstrup, Denmark


Høje Tåstrup municipality partnering with Vestforbrænding,, renovated the recycling site in Høje Tåstrup. The recycling site was not meeting today’s requirements, and it was therefore decided to make it more user friendly, to establish a better participation and provide improved facilities.

It was important for the municipality to make the site visit easier to understand for visitors, to establish a better separation and asier access to the different fractions. It was decided the most convenient way to establish the goals would be to build a new elevated platform in combination with a modular building for hazardous waste, both being Modulo solutions.

The site was closed in October. Construction work commenced and included ao paving a new larger area for garden waste, sewer, lightning. The elvated Modulo platform was installed on a new slab accommodating 18 bins. Including the new Modulo soltion for hazardous waste ghe site was able to reopen after only 100 days!

Modulo installed the elevated 18 bins solution as well as the hazardous waste solution.The height of the modules: 3.9 ft. Site elevation differences were used to create a smart solution. Further, safety railings were provided for ramps only. The lower platform in combination with higher bins ensured railings did not needed to be installed.

The hazardous waste solution included supply and install 6 modules, doors, windows, sumps, grating, aeration and point suction solutions.

Kenneth Bøg, Vestforbrænding:
High Tåstrup recycling site needed an upgrade as residents had to use stairs to get rid of waste and recyclables. It was dangerous and resulted in sub optimal bin filling and higher costs of logistics. Modulo solved those issues.
Modulo understood our needs, and as a result Modulo was the preferred solution. The entire process from the design phase to completion was what we expected.

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